Book Samples

Subject/Category: Historical
Title: River Views, A History of the 1000 Islands in 3D
Author: Tom French
River Views, A History of the 1000 Islands in 3D by Tom French Silver Medal Winner in the 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards for Best Regional Non-fiction in the Northeast.  
A collection of over 100 historic 3-D stereoviews of the 1000 Islands taken during the Victorian era of the 1870s and 1880s by Brockville photographer, A.C. McIntyre. Includes a collapsible stereo viewer so that readers can experience the images in 3-D. In addition to explaining the scenes in each view, the narration includes the early history of this resort destination.




Subject/Category: Canadian & Irish history, romance
Title: Long Way Home
Author: Mary Mueller
Printed: 2011
Description: 255 pages plus cover, black and white, size 5" x 8", perfect bound, soft cover

Long Way Home is the sequel to the author's first book, The Stone House. In this book we read of Catherine Manning, a young woman growing up in Brockville who is determined to be a career woman, long before that was quite acceptable to polite society. She attends the Athens Normal School, but instead of having a class of her own, she accompanies her grandfather to Ireland, the land of his birth. There she meets two young gentlemen, both of whom are very interested in her romantically, but for different reasons. One of them follows her home to Canada, ready for marriage and for setting up a home. Catherine still wishes to pursue her career and this takes her into the wilds of northern Ontario to an Indian Residential School where she is appalled at the conditions and returns home to Perth. Although a work of fiction, the many historical references
imbue it with a realistic flavour.

10% of all Family Wheels Sales are donated to the Cancer Society forBreast Cancer Research

Subject/Category: Historical 
Title: Brockville Voices II 
Writer/Managing Editor: Hannah Cody 
Printed: 2009 
Description: 134 pages plus cover, black and white, size: 9 3/4 x 8-1/4,Perfect bound, soft cover

Tales from the Twentieth Century tell the story of the City of the 1000 Islands as seen through the eyes of fifteen residents. Each has a unique perspective on Brockville in the past century. Together, these fifteen voices speak of a community that, over the past century, has grown substantially in territory and population, and matured culturally, all the while preserving much of its remarkable past and retaining its undeniable small town charm.

Subject/Category: Fiction
Title: Camelot of Sights Gone Dim
Author: Leigh Bursey
Printed: 2009
Description: 73 pages plus cover, black and white, size 6-1/4 x 9 saddle stitched

Camelot of Sights Gone Dim is a 73 page novella-style book of songs and poetry, by local songwriter Leigh Bursey. Leigh is the voice of area art-rock group, Project Mantra, and has been playing shows with his band for over 5 years now. This book is a compilation of the many thoughts and words that helped shape his adolescence, delivering a variety of moods, concepts, and 
ideals. . You can also email Leigh for further information through You can check out his music at

Subject/Category: History, Food
Title: Family Wheels - A collection of short stories, essays, poems and featured recipes.
Author: Mary Muller, Micki Harper and Mary Anne Bowman
Printed: 2009
Description: 154 pages plus cover, Black and white, size 5 x 8,
Wiro bound 

Family Wheels is a collection of family-related short stories, poems and super easy recipes. The stories are about CONNECTION, as Liam discovers his Grandpa was once a party animal in the 
1950's , UNDERSTANDING, as Casey uncovers her mother's secret and about ACCEPTANCE, as Samantha faces her problem with strength and tenacity. Samantha's story is about breast cancer and supplements the authors dedication to the Canadian Cancer Society. The two poems will make you feel nostalgic and all the recipes coordinate with the stories and are listed together in the Table of Contents. All in all, it's yum, yum with a good and short read.

Title: Journaling with Jesus 
Author: Eva Wilkinson 
Printed: 2008 
Description: 212 pages plus cover, Colour, Size is 7-5/8 x 6-1/4,
wiro bound

Eva Wilkinson, a German Jew, escaped the Holocaust, and recently at 93, wrote the amazing book "JOURNALING WITH JESUS". It is a book filled with profound spiritual insights and exceptional practical suggestions on how to live to the fullest with God, friends, and family.All ages will appreciate its depth and wisdom. Her original 
art work complements and enhances the significant truths she has written. She is available to speak at your request.

The cost of the book is $25 plus $5 for shipping.

Subject/Category: Fiction
Title: Letters from Paris, 1954/55 -- A Halifax Lass Tackles the Sorbonne...
Author: Nancy Wickwire Fraser
Printed: 2008
Description: 176 pages plus cover, Black and white, size 6-3/4 x 9, perfect bound
soft cover

"Loved it! I couldn't put it down!" say readers about Letters from Paris, 1954/55. Illustrated with original sketches and photos of Paris and the countryside, the letters, saved by the author's mother for half-a-century, will keep you smiling. Join 20-year-old Nancy as she negotiates the labyrinth of French bureaucracy, predatory Parisian males and chancy cafe cuisine. Despite all the distractions, the Sorbonne student, by year's end, was fluent in French and permanently in love with France.


Subject/Category: Historical
Title: The Stones of Edwardsburg
Author: Sandra H. Robertson
Printed: 2008
Description: 186 pages plus cover, black and white, size:6.-1/2 x 8-1/2, Perfect bound, soft cover

Leaving no stone unturned, this book is a record of all the stone houses standing in the Township. The book includes a picture of each of the houses along with the history and the various transactions which were recorded. Also included are the "Other Stones" found in the Township, along with some of the houses that have since disappeared.The Stones of Edwardsburgh tells of the historic stone houses and other stone structures in Edwardsburgh Cardinal Township, Grenville County. Much information is given on the houses, when available, including the builder, date of construction, special features, ownership of the property, and historical anecdotes about the families who lived there. The book is well laid out, and one can follow the roads throughout the township to observe these historic buildings. Map included...



Subject/Category: Art book
Title: Kingston, A City in Canada, Paintings by Robert A. Blenderman
Author: Robert A. Blenderman
Printed: 2006
Description: 136 pages plus cover, Colour, size: 11-1/2 x 9-1/2, Hard c

When Robert A. Blenderman immigrated to Canada he was captivated by Kingston, Ontario. He published a hardcover book to showcase many of the colourful paintings he has done of Kingston's city scapes, street scapes and surrounding islands. A foreward is written by Renee van Weringh.

Price: $65


Subject/Category: Fiction, History
Title: Mysterious Brockville 2 -- The Original Ghost Stories plus Tale from the Townships
Author: Nancy Wickwire Fraser
Printed: 2006, Second Edition
Description: 128 pages plus cover, Black and white size 6-3/4 x 9,
Perfect bound soft cover

Developed from the popular Brockville Ghost Walks by their founder, Mysterious Brockville 2 (Second Edition) contains 39 ghost tales and mysteries of the city and district. From poltergeists to weeping spirits, from UFOs to Indian legends, the fascinating tales grip and chill. Nancy Wickwire Fraser's book has been a local best-seller since its launch in the year 2000.

Subject/Category: Historical 
Title: The Story of Brockville - Men and Women Making a Canadian Community on The United States Frontier.  1749-2007 
Author: Dr. Glenn J Lockwood 
Printed: 2006 
Description: 665 pages plus cover, Colour and black and white, size: 8-3/4 x 11-1/4,
Hard cover

This long awaited Brockville history book has been skillfully written by Dr. Glenn Lockwood.  Glenn is a professional historian known for his in-depth research, his ability to capture the essence of a place and its people, and for his talent at writing a superb local history.  Social, political, industrial, and military subjects make this a well researched and informative history book filled with maps, photos and drawings.

Subject/Category: Tourism, photography 
Title: The Thousand Islands 
Author: Ian Coristine 
Printed: 2006 
Description: 96 pages plus cover, full colour, size: 9.5 x 7,
Hard cover

My book "The Thousand Islands" is intended as a high quality but affordable coffee table book, sharing some of the wonders of this amazing place.  Getting the price in line while also including a padded hard cover with both matte and gloss, foil for the title, 4 colour maps for the end sheets along with a high quality bookmark was not easy.

Subject/Category: Tourism, photography
Title: Water Wind and Sky - Ian Coristine's Thousand Islands
Author: Ian Coristine
Printed: 2005
Description: 132 pages plus cover, full colour, size: 9.5 x 9.5,
Hard cover

"Water, Wind and Sky is the book I wanted to do for the Thousand Islanders with the focus entirely on the raw beauty of the place and not simply the tourism icons. Lyne Henderson, Jay Thompson and their team delivered incredible photo quality. Faithfully replicating the millions of colours a camera delivers with the four colours of a printing press is very challenging, but the quality of the result speaks volumes for their talents". Ian Coristine


Subject/Category: HISTORY

Title: The Club The Members Built -- A historical sketch of the Brockville Yacht Club, 1945 - 2004 Second Edition
Author/Editor: Adrian Tencate
Printed: 2004
Description: 88 pages plus cover, Black and white + 16 pages of colour, size 5.5 x 8.5, saddle stitched

The Brockville Yacht Club - The Club The Members Built! Located at 3 St. Paul Street, this private club started in 1945 and currently has 141 slips and over 275 Members. For more information about Sailing School, Membership or Club Rental please call 613-345-3146 or check us out on the web at


Subject/Category: Instructional boating techniques
Title: Boat Docking (Close Quarters Manuvering for Small Craft)
Author: Charles T. Low
Printed: First printing 1997, 4th printing 2002
Description: 78 pages plus cover, colour and black and white, 7 x 9, Soft cover perfect bound

In 78 pages and with scores of clear illustrations, Boat Docking describes and explains factors involved in docking a boat which many of us didn't even know were factors!Close quarters maneuvering is probably the single most limiting factor in the enjoyment we get from our boats - check out Boat Docking
 and break through a barrier or two! Well over 15,000 copies sold since 1997 - written and printed right here in Brockville.
Subject/Category: Inspirational
Title: Before The Feeling Comes (Encouragement to be obedient before you feel like it)
Author: Patricia Watson

Printed: 2013
Description: 78 pages plus cover, colour and black and white, 5.5 x 8.5

Before The Feeling Comes 
is a collection of true to life testimonials about obeying and disobeying God, with a twist of irony. God asked Pat Watson to write a book for the Church to obey before the feeling comes. The irony was that she never aspired to be an author and did not "feel" like being obedient to write!

With a touch of humour, this candid narrative is about the crucial matter of obedience in the Kingdom of God. It will encourage the reader to look at their life through the Scriptures and challenge them to step out in faith and obedience before they feel like it.