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Why would a Printing company do Video?

Henderson Video Solutions


So a printing company is doing video?


Yes we are!


What's exciting about this new service is that we have the ability to do it well. We aren't just adding something new for the sake of saying that we can do it. We have asked the right questions, found the right partners and delivered quality videos. For years we have been helping businesses with a variety of print, web and graphic design services, and now it's time to help people create great videos! 


If you are still asking yourself why you should consider letting us help you with your video then I would like to give you three great reasons:

1. Our video packages are easy to understand.

When we asked around we found that most people had difficulty understanding how much a video would cost and what they were really getting for their money. Understandably, many who offer video services haven't quite nailed down how long a video takes to develop; the reality is that it takes a good time investment to prep, shoot, edit, re-edit and deliver a great video. We overcame this challenge by creating easy-to-understand packages with defined deliverables. Have a look at our packages here.

2. Professional standards are expected.

Our video production services work because we have partnered with professionals who know how to get the job done right. Every video includes a dedicated producer and videographer, unscripted and authentic interviews if requested, engaging shots of your business in action, music, graphics and post production efforts. We want it to look great!

3. You will get to see your video in 14 days!

The last hurdle that we had to overcome, if we were serious about helping people with video, was being able to deliver a quality video in a timely fashion. Videos can take a long time to piece together well. But we have a dedication, with each standard video package, to show you your exciting new video in 14 days. We think that's pretty good.

Final thoughts

So if you are considering doing a video, give us a call or send us an email. If you are still wondering why you and your company should do a video, consider these stats showing why video sells!


Actors with mullets cost extra!

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