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3 Web Design Trends for 2015

Web Design Trends for 2015

As I write this, the Christmas Season is in full force. Many people are fighting through shopping lines, while others are impatiently bugging the Mailman for their Amazon boxes. But in less than a month, the new year will be upon us and resolutions with important strategies for you and your company will soon be put into first gear.

My question for you is this: Have you thought about whether now is the time to finally deal with your company's online presence? If so, then I recommend considering reading the following list of my top 3 web design trends for 2015.

These are a few trends that may be valuable to your companies web design strategy.

1. Responsive Design is here and is valuable

Responsive design, in short, is an approach to web design that makes use of flexible layouts. The goal is to build pages that detect various screen sizes and respond accordingly. Hereís a more detailed definition.

We live in an ever-changing, multi-screen, multi-format digital culture and Responsive Design is the foundation for this next generation of web development. I believe that there are still uses for our current web formats and they are by no means out-of-date. But responsive is officially here. Perhaps 2015 is the year that you make the jump and consider upgrading your design to a responsive layout.

2. Flat Design is in!

The flat design era isnít exactly new. Apple, Microsoft and Google all embraced this look in 2013. But 2015 might be a year of identity change for you and perhaps your company could use a modern design touch. 

If youíre not sure what flat design looks like, here are some great examples.

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) vs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

In 2015, your business will be approached by many companies promising to increase your Google ranking and improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, it will be increasingly more valuable to partner with companies who offer comprehensive and measurable Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions; not just set up your website with quick keyword strategies. 

In an ever-changing internet age, knowing who to trust is important. We, here at Henderson, donít claim to have all of the answers and we are learning on-the-go like most of you are. But we are quick learners and our ears are always to the ground as this exciting digital age matures.

Speaking of SEO. Hereís a quick link to some easy content tricks that you should already be using on your site.

Last word
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to engage with you in some exciting projects this coming year.

Have a great Christmas and holiday season and happy new year to you and yours!
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5 Reasons to Choose SiteApex

Your Foundation Matters. Choose SiteApex.

Choosing which platform to build your website on can sometimes feel like you are lost in a foreign hostile land without directions home and nobody around you is speaking your language. The disconnect becomes more evident when you ask someone local for directions. Getting anywhere is going to be a chore.

Choosing who to partner with for your next website redevelopment can cause some genuine anxiety; especially if your last experience with a web company was rocky. So who do you trust and how do you know that they are going to keep your online identity secure?

When Henderson Web Solutions first launched two years ago, we needed to do our research and find a website solution that was going to be Easy-to-Update, but also highly secure so that none of our clients would have to worry about their website being stored on a questionable 'server' in someone's basement.

The CMS (Content Management System) that we selected was SiteApex. Out of all the CMS choices, we are confident in a long list of advantages SiteApex can provide for our customers. Developed by OSM Networks in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, this product is fully supported and customizable to meet your unique needs.

5 Reasons to build your website with SiteApex

1. Automatic Updates - No need manually updating SiteApex to the latest version. Updates are automatically rolled out, as needed, keeping your website running on current technology.

2. Enhancements & Upgrades - SiteApex modules and components are continually enhanced with new upgrades, while maintaining compatibility. You're never stuck with out-of-date features.

3. No Spam Worries or Hacking Fears - The server that your website is built on is monitored 24/7/365 and you'll never have to worry about malicious plugins or themes. All of SiteApex's features are regularly tested and supported.

4. Customer Support - Your website is supported by real people who are ready to help you over the phone or online with our online ticket system. Help isn't far away if you have questions. WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS solutions don't begin to compare to the friendly, in-house support and training you will receive by partnering with Henderson Web Solutions.

5. We Backup your Files - We take care of backing up all your databases and your files. So no need to worry about back-up solutions, which can be costly. Relax and have fun building your website with SiteApex.

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