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August 2015

Why NOT to use online logo design websites

Most logo design websites make great promises. They are cheap and you can have your own 'personalized' logo in your inbox within minutes of buying it. That all sounds good and gets you something that you can quickly throw on a business card to hand out at your next business social event. But what is your brand sacrificing in choosing to go this route?

Don't run to online logo builders so quickly

It may not capture your brand 
Logos are more than just cool images, fonts and colours. Your logo is a reflection of your values, aspirations and the audiences you want to attract. Working with branding experts can open up a whole new world of design possibilities that can not only spark your imagination but even help define your business itself. 

Amateur logo design mistakes are likely to happen
Designing something yourself can be fun at first. “Look! Purple triangles and a spooky font! I love it!” Hold on there. Not to be overly blunt, but you’re not a designer… and that’s OK. It’s fun to look at the options and you may even get some great ideas from exploring prefab logos. But you’re an expert in your own industry with unique offerings.

It's not a unique logo
If you use an online site, other people will have access to your logo design. Other businesses can and will use your logo in places that will potentially devalue your business. Ensure your logo design is original.  These logos have no thought, concept or memorability about them, they are merely symbols. You will find many free online logo makers on the web. Not only do these logos look unprofessional, hundreds of other people could have the same logo as you and what is the point of that? 

Design contests don't give you a relationship
When going through a design contest, you can miss out on the dialogue between you and a designer who can truly cater to your needs. During the contest, you can ask designers to tweak their submissions, but many choose not to. Plus, the winner you select might be unwilling to modify the logo once he or she receives the cash prize.

Cheap stock images cheapen your brand
Did you know that stock imagery gets downloaded by thousands of people? This should be reason enough not to use stock imagery as your logo. Some so called “designers” (usually the same people who enter design contests) steal images from stock sites to design your logo… or in some cases, business owners download and use the stock images themselves. This is a huge no-no. 

“If I’m researching for new doctors, I wouldn’t ask for a hundred different treatments and then go with the best one that I thought I liked.”


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Quick Bio: Kevin is the Senior Graphic Designer at Henderson in Brockville, Ontario and has won awards for his designs and creative development. He's also a music fanatic and a Redskins fan. You can check out some of his great graphic design projects on his Behance portfolio here.  

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