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June 2015

Meet the Talent Behind Your Graphic Designs

Meet the Talent behind your Graphic Designs

In today’s day and age a graphic designer is absolutely necessary for the success of any image process or marketing program for businesses. What exactly is a graphic designer you may be asking? Well, a graphic designer is a profession within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a design. A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising.

Here at Henderson Printing and Web Solutions we are lucky enough to have a pair of the highest qualified graphic designers and illustrators in the province, and with the graphic designer and illustrator industry on the rise with no visible future of it slowing down, it is crucial that we have such talent on our team. Being a successful graphic designer roots from a combination of creativity, an eye for detail, and the ability to use computers to present the envisioned design. The multilevel of talent and knowledge makes these professionals truly unique.

Chauntel Perry, the first of our graphic designers, is a Kingston native who was hired directly out of the Graphic Design program at St Lawrence College in Kingston. She has been with Henderson for four years.

“I’ve always enjoyed art, all aspects of art. Once I started exploring the digital side of it I decided to see what career options were available. Graphic design was on the top of that list, I enjoyed that I could be creative on a daily basis, and continue learning new techniques and technologies,” said Perry.

Working along side Perry, is Kevin Neadow. Neadow is the Senior Graphic Designer from Brockville with 12 years in experience. He graduated from St Lawrence College in Kingston with a degree in Graphic Design.

“I got into graphic design because of the joy of being able to be creative as a career. Starting at a young age, drawing and designing my own lettering, I continued into my teens where at the end of High School my art teacher advised me to look into graphic design for college and a career. I realized that it would be a great fit for me. It’s an evolving field with new avenues that enables me to apply to the creative process too,” said Neadow.

If you’re interesting in learning more about the work that Perry and Neadow have done, check out the links below to see their online portfolios.

Chauntel Perry:
Kevin Neadow:

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Brockville Arts Centre 2015 Summer Series

"The Fun Starts Here" 

Get ready for another summer season of exciting live entertainment as the Brockville Arts Centre.

Wednesday, June 24th is Opening Night with Beach Party Boys. 

Be sure to check out the 2015 Playbill for other fabulous shows throughout the summer and including their Fall Season. 

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It's going to be a great weekend to celebrate life along the St. Lawrence as the All Ships Festival kicks off tonight and continues until Sunday.  Live Entertainment, Flyboard Demonstrations, Antique Boats and Hydroplane Displays are just a few of the events taking place.  Something for everyone!  So be sure to take dad down to Blockhouse Island and enjoy the festival. 

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Women Mean Business Spring 2015

Supporting Women to successfully start and grow their business and family life with passion and confidence.

Workshops * Online Resources* Retreats * Magazines 

Connecting Entrepreneurial 
Business Women Powerfully

We are proud to be a part of this successful magazine. Be sure to check out page 6!









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